Brayton Global

Microsoft Solutions

Elevate your business with our Microsoft advisory services, where we harness Azure's OpenAI, M365 Co-Pilot and Modern Work to redefine innovation. From developing cutting-edge Generative AI applications to crafting secure, flexible modern workplaces, we tailor solutions that drive efficiency, enhance decision-making, and empower your team.

NIS 2 Compliance

Navigate NIS 2 compliance with ease. Our experts specialize in guiding organizations through the maze of regulations, ensuring compliance is not just achieved but sustained. From gap analysis and strategic roadmap development to implementing robust security measures and providing continuous support, we're your partners in building a compliant, secure future.

Organizational Change Management

Cultivate resilience and agility in a rapidly evolving business landscape with our expert change management support. From fostering cultural evolution to guiding digital transformation and beyond, we tackle every aspect of change to help your organization not only meet but exceed its milestones.

Your Digital Transformation journey Starts Here.

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NIS 2 compliance advisory services

Feeling overwhelmed by NIS 2 compliance?  We help organizations across various sectors  navigate the complexities, achieve, and maintain compliance.

Our experts provide comprehensive advisory services:

  • Gap Analysis & Roadmap Development
  • Security Measure Implementation
  • Ongoing Support & Guidance

Organizational Change Management

Navigating the tides of change is pivotal for sustaining organizational agility in a dynamic business environment. Our expert team provides comprehensive support for your change management endeavors, addressing every challenge from cultural evolution and structural reorganization to digital transformation and corporate consolidation. Let us be your partner in achieving and exceeding your change milestones.

Design Thinking

Revitalize the partnership and innovation with our Design Thinking approach. By prioritizing a deep understanding of customer perspectives and needs, we co-create solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations, fostering a culture of empathy, creativity, and shared commitment. Our process challenges conventional thinking, encouraging divergent ideas and embracing ambiguity to unlock unparalleled innovation.

Developing Advanced Generative AI Applications

Utilizing Azure’s OpenAI services, our expert team is at the forefront of creating advanced Generative AI applications, harnessing the power of conversational AI, dynamic content creation, and seamless data integration. These applications extend across a multitude of scenarios including automating processes, enabling predictive insights, and powering both chatbots and virtual assistants. Allow our experienced professionals to steer you through the process of embracing and fine-tuning this groundbreaking technology, thus transforming your business operations to thrive in the future.

Preparing for M365 Co-Pilot Adoption and Utilization

Collaborate with our specialists to craft a tailored implementation plan that encompasses the identification of use cases, data governance, security measures, deployment, and educational initiatives. Embrace this transformative solution and maximize its impact to its fullest capacity

Modern Workplace

Equip your team to operate seamlessly from any location, at any time, and via any device. We incorporate stringent, zero-trust security measures alongside collaborative tools that foster teamwork and drive engagement. Harness the full capabilities of M365 to redefine your workspace. Our specialists are here to guide you into the next era of workplace evolution.