Brayton Global

DIGIT-TMII: Brayton Global is official partner of the Accenture Consortium

This significant stride is a testament to our seven-year odyssey of unwavering dedication towards cementing ourselves as a dependable supplier to European Institutions. The journey, arduous yet rewarding, has now fructified into this prestigious alliance.

Our profound gratitude is extended towards Accenture, with a heartfelt accolade for Romuald’s trust that has been a beacon leading us to this juncture. The synergy between Brayton Global’s prowess in IT recruitment and the consortium’s objectives heralds a saga of innovative solutions and unrivalled success in the digital domain.

Our cadre is galvanised, the resolve is unyielding. We are fully vested to propel the success of this partnership to uncharted echelons. Together with Accenture, we are poised to navigate the digital ambit with a meld of expertise, innovation, and a relentless pursuit for excellence.

The horizon is expansive and promising, and Brayton Global is at the helm, steering towards a future replete with possibilities, value creation, and a lasting impact in the digital sphere.