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Brayton Global Wins the BHD Help Desk Contract for European Parliament

Brussels, Belgium – February 15, 2024 – Brayton Global is proud to announce it has been awarded the BHD Help Desk contract for the European Parliament. This four-year contract marks Brayton’s first managed services contract as sole provider within the European Institutions.

Enhanced Service Delivery and Proactive Approach

Through this contract, Brayton will manage all incoming requests related to European Parliament facilities, ensuring timely and efficient dispatch to the appropriate maintenance contractors.  Additionally, Brayton will implement Continual Service Improvement (CSI) initiatives and leverage Data Analytics to foster proactive maintenance and minimize service disruptions. This data-driven approach will ultimately enhance service delivery for the European Parliament.

Strengthening a Valued Partnership

This award signifies a significant step forward in Brayton’s partnership with the European Institutions.  Since entering the EU market in 2014, Brayton has employed over 800 people in support of various EU institutions. Notably, more than half of these individuals were offered their first professional opportunity by Brayton Global, demonstrating the company’s commitment to social impact and fostering career development.

Looking Forward

Brayton Global is dedicated to providing exceptional service and innovative solutions to the European Parliament and other EU institutions.  This contract signifies a shared commitment to improving operational efficiency and creating a more sustainable work environment for staff.